DK Custom Triggers DEFENSE Basic Small Frame

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Part Number:DKC-Basic-Defense-Small Frame
  • Fittment Guide:Will fit any Gen3/4 G17,22,19,23,26,27 (Including .357 variants) (Gen5 is for 17,19,34)
  • Trigger weight:Trigger pull/break weight is dependant on chosen striker spring (DO NOT GO BELOW 5lb and DO NOT MODIFY PRE-TRAVEL FROM FIxED POSITION)

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DK Defense Basic Kit Small Frame
The DK Defense Kit is the new lineup for DK Custom Triggers.  It follows along with our IDPA SSP Option that is listed with our DK BASIC and DK CUSTOM Kits.  With the new DK DEFENSE KIT you are getting a trigger kit for you Glock that has the pre-travel slightly reduced and fixed along with a user adjustable over-travel screw set screw in the trigger housing.  The pull weight of this trigger kit is between 3-3.5lb* with a nice short crisp reset.  Each trigger bar is polished and modified along with the safety plunger w/ spring and connector. 

 (excludes G42/43 packages)

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