DK Custom Elite Trigger Kit

DK Custom Elite Trigger Kit

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Introducing the DK Custom Triggers Elite Trigger!  This is the best trigger you will find for your Glock© platform period.  This will be the shortest lightest trigger available from DK Custom Triggers at 2.5lbs or less from the break.  As will all DK Custom Triggers triggers all 3 safeties will be maintained and it will be USPSA Production legal.  You will NOT HAVE TO SELECT GENERATION AND CALIBER AS I WILL MAKE THE TRIGGER FOR THE FIREARM RECEIVED.  

For this trigger you must ship your firearm to the shop for install and it will only be for the pistol it is fitted to.  Shipping will be to a physical address and you must include a copy of your photo ID, complete matching address, and correct phone number.  Firearm will be shipped back to YOUR ADDRESS w/ Adult Signature Required.

Ship your firearm to DK Customs 2312 Katie Ln Morristown, TN 37184 via UPS or FedEx.  NOTE: Please ship your pistol inside of its original Glock case or other protective case that is placed inside of a box.  PLEASE DO NOT SHIP YOUR PISTOL SIMPLY WRAPPED UP IN SOMETHING!

Included in this trigger will be:

  • A new DK Custom Triggers enhanced trigger bar
  • New Modified Ejector Housing (Caliber/Generation Specific)
  • New Lightweight Safety Plunger w/ tuned spring NOTE: For Gen5 this is an OEM part tuned in house
  • New IDP Tactical Lightweight Enhanced Striker (Fit, Polished, and Tuned)  NOTE: For Gen5 this is an OEM striker that is lightened in house, Fit, Tuned, and Polished
  • New Elite Connector (Tuned, Polished and Set in house)
  • New Performance Spring Cups and OEM Spacer Sleeve
  • New Trigger Return Spring
  • New Striker Spring and One Spare 4.5lb Included 
  • In House Function Testing/Firing

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