DK BASIC KIT Small Frame

DK BASIC KIT Small Frame

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Part Number:DKC-Basic-Small Frame
  • All items included are noted in the DK Competition Kits information page (The Gen5 kit comes with a different connector)
  • Will fit Generation 3/4 17,22,19,23,26,27,34,35,17L,24 (Gen5 is for 17,19,34)

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DK Custom Triggers Basic Kit Small Frame
The DK BASIC KIT has a crisp, super smooth action, with a short snappy reset that is user adjustable in pre-travel/over-travel.  It was a challenge to reduce pre-travel in a drop-in style trigger and still keep all the safeties in working order.  The DK Custom trigger bar and ejector housing have been modified to keep these safeties intact.  You can be assured that the safeties on all of DK Custom Triggers have been tested for proper functioning.  These kits are all hand modified, personally tuned and adjusted at time of order all before shipping to you.

DISCLAIMER: It is the user's responsibility to ensure that all the safeties are in working order on their firearm before use. 

NOTE: Light primer strikes my happen with the 4lb striker spring without an enhanced striker.  

Note: The DK Custom Trigger bar has been personally evaluated and approved for USPSA Production Division use.

Note: IDPA SSP Option is available (SMALL FRAME ONLY AT THIS TIME) as well (no pre-travel reduction and no SS Housing Pin)

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